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The feather bender is a blog focusing on fly tying & materials for fly-tyers by fly-tyers.

Fly tying

Fly tying for many is a hobby,  for others it´s a means of filling their fly box with fine tuned and well tested patterns, that would be otherwise unavailable. For many of us who read this blog it´s more of a passion, and for some, even a way of life…

Fly fishing flies

The aim of the feather bender is to connect fly-tyers all over the world, to share, techniques, patterns, information and knowledge. To help the new beginner, to our craft, exchange frustration for inspiration, and give the advanced tyer a chance to communicate and enlighten others with tips, tricks, techniques and maybe even, a few well kept secrets.

I will also feature historic patterns along side more contemporary patterns and techniques, with reviews of new tools, materials and books, and not forgetting entomology.

The whole idea of the feather bender concept relies on all you fly-tyers, wherever you are, who are now reading this, We need your input in order to make this work. So don´t be shy, we can´t wait to see your own patterns, ideas and techniques.

So please like and share…

All photographs and text on this blog are copyrighted by Barry Ord Clarke if not otherwise stated.

Barry Ord Clarke

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    1. Thanks Sven, Just started and having a few small problems, its good you managed to mke a comment as I have had many messages that others have tried but are re-directed to home page ?
      Anyway I will be posting lots more soon.