Gaula River of Silver & Gold:

With the onslaught of digital photography and inexpensive HD cameras, it seems like just about every fly fisherman has ambitions of becoming a film maker, resulting in, thousands of hours of  voyeur  “fishing porn”  being released for sale. Don’t get me wrong! I have nothing against anyone expressing themselves through the cinematographic art form, quite the opposite in fact.  But like poor Hollywood productions that go straight to DVD, with a few exceptions, most of these fishing films should go straight to Youtube. Gaula, River of Silver and Gold, is one of the exceptions! Following the river through the clearly … Continue reading Gaula River of Silver & Gold:


Small flies big fish. Fly fishing for the worlds largest Arctic Char:

In Ungava Bay a two hours flight north of Montreal in Quebec, swim the worlds largest Arctic char. Don’t expect too much of the cabin!  these are the last worlds of the legendary  bush pilot Johnny May  as we unload the last of our gear from the plane and he wishes us farewell with a smile.   We don´t really care about the condition of a cabin as long as his stories about char of  7, 8 and 9 kilos are for real. We climb aboard a bright red De Havilland DHC-3 Otter – better known as a  Single Otter.  A … Continue reading Small flies big fish. Fly fishing for the worlds largest Arctic Char:

The Virtual Minnow:

The original zonker pattern was tied by the American fly tyer Dan Byford in the 1970s and was quickly recognised the world over, as a big fish fly and extremely easy to tie, yet realistic imitation for most smaller bait fish. The original pattern used a lead or tin sheet that was folded and glued over the hook shank and then cut to shape to make the underbody.   This melt glue body technique gives the zonker a new life. If viewed by a fish in reflected light the shine and flashing of the maylar mixed with the animation of … Continue reading The Virtual Minnow:

Melt Glue Caddis Pupa:

  Keeping on the theme of melt glue I thought I would show you this pattern that has a little different technique than the Mutant. Here I combine the  material into the melt glue. It does take a little practice and time to master these melt glue techniques but the results are worth it! For more general info on caddis pupa take a look at the Bee Cee caddis in the archive. Melt Glue Caddis Pupa: Hook: Mustad C49SNP-BR # 12-8 Thread: Dyneema Body: Melt Glue Gills/rib: Olive Ostrich herl Thorax/Head: Black and brown Antron dubbing and CdC     … Continue reading Melt Glue Caddis Pupa:

Streaking Caddis:

I belive that many great trout patterns have several things in common: they are quick and easy  to tie, no special tecniques or tools required.  The materials are easy to obtain, that would say available from most fly tying stores. They cast without problems and last but not least they catch fish.  This legendary pattern comes from the vice of the Swedish fly tying Guru, Lennart Bergquist. The bullet shaped aero and aqua dynimic form of this pattern makes casting a dream and presentation precise, for me there is somthing magical from the moment my SC lands on the water … Continue reading Streaking Caddis:

Fly Photography…

Fly Photography service: When you have spent several hours or even days, tying a fly for a competition or commissioned sale, its a real shame to have no record of it! Now is your chance to correct that! Being a professional photographer and fly tyer I know exactly what’s needed when it comes to fly photography. I offer a service for simple fly archive photography on white background or artistic fly photography for framing. Prices: Archive photography (white background) Euro 30 per fly. Artistic fly photography (still life) Euro 150 per fly. Step by step tying photography  Euro 200 per … Continue reading Fly Photography…


A short excerpt from ‘The Ant Eater’ by Roald Dahl The ant-eater arrived half-dead. It looked at Roy and softly said, “I’m famished. Do you think you could “Please give me just a little food? “A crust of bread, a bit of meat? “I haven’t had anything to eat “In all the time I was at sea, “For nobody looked after me,” Roy shouted, “No! No bread or meat! “Go find some ants! They’re what you eat!” The starving creature crawled away. It searched the garden night and day, It hunted every inch of ground, But not one single ant … Continue reading Mutantz!