The aim of this blog is to connect fly-tyers all over the world, to share, techniques, patterns, information and knowledge.

Tying the fur crab

Place your Mustad circle hook in the vice.

This is a quick and easy salt water crab pattern that I haven’t done any text for, other than the step by step. Enjoy.

Hook     Mustad circle streamer

Tying thread    Dyneema

Beard    Siberian squirrel & Grizzle hen hackle

Eyes    EP crab eyes

Claws    Red fox zonker

Body    Muskrat crosscut zonker

Tie in a good bunch of Siberian squirrel tail hair for the crabs beard.

Trim off the excess squirrel hair and tie down, Turn your fly up-side down in the vice.

Tie in a grizzle hen hackle at the base of the crabs beard.

Wind on a a trditional wet fly hackle over the base of the beard.

Now tie in the EP crab eyes one each side of the hook shank.

Cut two red fox zonker strips for the crabs claws. You can use rabbit zonkers if red fox is not available.

Tie in the red fox zonkers one each side of the hook shank tight into the beard base.

Take a short length of muskrat crosscut fur for spinning.

Make a dubbing loop and spin the muskrat fur into a dubbing brush.

Wind on the dubbing brush, taking care to brush down the fibers each turn. Tie off.

Brush out the fibers with an old tooth brush and whip finish. Varnish.

With curved scissors trim the body shape of the crab.

The finished crab.

Only just realised that the crab when viewed this way will double as a long eared owl!

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