Make a fast Buck.

Buck-tail’s are not only great patterns to tie and fish but are making a huge comeback. Here are a few of the most recent I have tied, I will follow-up this post soon with an in depth article about tying these beautiful flies and the use of Buck-tail. Trident Fly Fishing | Shop the largest selection of fly fishing and fly tying products on the planet. Continue reading Make a fast Buck.

Fly Tying with a gun

Tying with melt glue does require a little more practice and patience than most regular materials. But the results can be rewarding!    Melt glue is a material that one has to get used to using. Once its mastered, it can be put to use not only in developing new patterns but also as a substitute in existing ones. Melt glue guns come in various sizes from hobby to industrial, I find the hobby size not only the cheapest but also the easiest to employ. Another advantage with the hobby gun is the amount of different glue that is available. … Continue reading Fly Tying with a gun