Hope to see you in Sweden, The feather benders tying room


I will be leaving for Sweden in the morning, so I wont be posting until I return on Monday 8 April, hopefully with lots of new ideas and inspiration from the fair.

Now that the blog has become established and I have just reached 75,000 visitors and over 3500 followers I thought it only correct to take you on a little tour of the tying room. If you are visiting the Sportsfiskemessan in Sweden I look forward to seeing you there.

This is where it all the tying and photography happens. It may look like its a bit chaotic but everything I use on a regular basis is close at hand.

IMG_7331Trying to keep order in the hook department is always testing, without order, everything falls apart, I can spend more time looking for hooks that actually tying the pattern it was intended for! But I have gone for a simple filing system. Plastic boxes, each containing a different type of hook but many sizes.


My wife is so glad I dont have all this gear around the house!

IMG_7348I have a similar set up for materials. All the natural materials in air tight containers to keep the bugs off and larger materials in plastic containers. This room here also has no heating so is always cold this also helps keep the bugs at bay.

IMG_7351I have about 50 of these plastic boxes stacked in the materials room, but it doesn’t guarantee I will find what I am looking for.


Its here I also keep all my fly boxes, reels and lines.


Oh and waders… and float tubes and other gear.

IMG_7354And the rods, well some of them…

IMG_7332Most of my tying books are also in the tying room for reference.

IMG_7339The tools. These I have collected and been given from friends over three decades of tying. Everything I use all the time is kept here except for Bug Bond, thats kept in the cold room and only brought out when needed.

IMG_6209_2The fly stand that I use for demos was made for me by my good friend Kjell Karlsen.


4 thoughts on “Hope to see you in Sweden, The feather benders tying room

  1. All the best on your trip to Sweden , just enjoy yourself and have a good time as the work will really start when you get home , ,ENJOY ,Zekietumber aka Donald from Alabama ,, PS: Do you ever do any Dubbing twisting with wire for your own tying and if you do what is the size and color of wire that you use the most ?? Thx’s , Zekietumber

  2. Barry…again…I would like to get you some free and New UV2 materials to demo and test. It is amazing product line. I am attaching some info on it. Send me your address please. BILL Black Spirit River Inc. Oregon USA

  3. Hi Barry, Hope you had a great time Sweden, your fly tying area is beautifully organised and you have a special room. Far less chaotic than my set up, which is scattered all over the house, loft and shed; but you know what I mean having visited.

    1. Hi Chris, yeah Sweden was great as usual, good too meet up and see whats new. Yes the tying room is actually part of my studio, so I dont tie at home, but it would be nice to have a room at home, I would get much more done if I did, well maybe when Thor Edward moves out!