UV Caddis Pupa

UVF is the fluorescent wavelength in bright colours we know from paints and dyes. This can be an advantage in different light and water conditions and colours. UVR or Ultra Violet Reflectance is a UV light that cannot be seen with the naked eye for humans. However it can be seen and is apparently used by most insects and animals. There eyes are constructed with different rods and cones that are tuned to UV wavelengths. Although I have never used UV materials in my tying before with the exception of fluorescent flosses, threads and bead heads I am looking forward … Continue reading UV Caddis Pupa


CdC tutorial with Marc Petitjean part 2 The May fly

Heres the second part of the MP CdC tutorial. Where Marc is tying one of his great CdC may flies. This is not only an extremely quick and easy pattern to tie but also a very effective fishing pattern, as Marc proved to me while fishing the river Trysil here in Norway. In the first part of the course that I published earlier, I flipped all the images for right hand tyers, but with Marc being left handed I thought I would keep this tutorial as tied by Marc for all you left handed tyers out there. The vice, tools … Continue reading CdC tutorial with Marc Petitjean part 2 The May fly