UV Caddis Pupa

UVF is the fluorescent wavelength in bright colours we know from paints and dyes. This can be an advantage in different light and water conditions and colours.

UVR or Ultra Violet Reflectance is a UV light that cannot be seen with the naked eye for humans. However it can be seen and is apparently used by most insects and animals. There eyes are constructed with different rods and cones that are tuned to UV wavelengths. Although I have never used UV materials in my tying before with the exception of fluorescent flosses, threads and bead heads I am looking forward to tying and testing these new materials.


When it comes to pupa I, like many other fly tyers have tried to imitate the pupal shuck that a caddis pupa pumps full of gas to help it rise to the surface and separate the pupal shuck from the body when hatching. In the past I have done this with poly yarn and CdC as above.


The new UV2 Sparkle yarn as seen in daylight is rather like the poly yarn forming a regular trailing shuck.


But when seen with UV light the sparkle yarn gives this a whole new dimension!

UV Caddis Pupa

Hook:      Mustad C49S # 10-18   

Thread:   MP Spilt Second Olive  

Rib/Gills:  Olive ostrich herl

Underbody: Floss

Body: Larva Lace

Shuck:  Spirit River UV2 Sparkle Yarn  

Collar:  Spirit River Dazl-Hares ear dubbing Black

Head:  Bead head



Secure your hook in the vice with the bead head of your choice attached.



Run tying thread the whole length of the hook shank and down into the bend.



Tie in a long ostrich herl at the tail base of the fly.


Cut a length of Larva Lace, the colour is your choice and push the end in the bead head and tie in.


Wrap the tying thread all the way down to the tail of the fly securing the Larva Lace.


With another bobbin loaded with fluorescent floss, again the colour choice is yours, cover the whole body of the fly giving it a slight taper.


Tie off the floss and remove. Wind your tying thread forward to the bead head.


Now wrap the Larva Lace in six or seven even turns up the body. Dont wrap too tight! Tie off.


Now wrap the ostrich herl pulling each turn down into the open rib of the Larva Lace. This will make it more durable to small sharp fish teeth and tie off.


Run a water proof felt pen down the back of the body.


Take your UV2 Sparkle Yarn


Cut a short length and open the fibers as shown.


Split your thread or make a dubbing loop and just catch the ends of the fibers in the loop before you spin it to make a dubbing brush.


Wrap the dubbing brush around the whole collar of the pupa. The yarn should be almost like a cloak covering the whole body if you want the correct shuck effect.


Now spin some Dazl-hares ear mix on to your tying thread and make wrap the collar.


Wrap tight into the bead head.


Whip finish and remove the tying thread. Give the collar and sparkle yarn a good brushing with a stiff tooth brush to tease out the fibers.


The finished UV Caddis pupa.


Its not until the UV Caddis is wet that it really comes to life.


And when seen within the fishes UV spectrum it changes again…

6 thoughts on “UV Caddis Pupa

    1. Well written and very nice piuecrts, I felt like I was really there! I love that first picture in particular… I’ve been there before…fishing hard all day until its too dark to fish anymore. At the end I always wonder why I do it to myself but then I do it again.