Pedal power for Bug Bond is now available!

The ultimate UV tool is now available!

If you use Bug Bond, the new professional curing light is now available! One of the main advantages with this new mains operated foot pedal adapter is that you have full power constantly for optimal curing. 

You can order your Bug Bond mains adapter now from: It will also be available from all Veniard stockist soon!

So what’s new…  For those of you that have seen me tie at any of the shows this year, you may have seen me using, the Professional UV light. A new attachment for the Bug Bond light, that when the on/off switch cap is disconnected, the main light unit can accept a remote foot switch that can be powered by both mains via an AC/DC adapter, or separate rechargeable battery unit. This gives the user the convenience of mains power with foot operated curing and the portability demanded by the traveling tyer… keep the foot operated switch at home under the tying bench and while on the fishing trip return the light to AA battery operation. I believe this is another first for light cured resins in fly tying… 


This is the Bug Bond mains adapter in action.  photo: With thanks by Tore Litlere Rydgren taken at the Nordic fly fair earlier this year. 

IMG_1521The Bug Bond pedal and connecting power cable are of a simple but elegant light weight design. When I first tried this new addition to the UV light, surprisingly, it took a few days to get use to it! Its not normal to tie with your feet. Mastering the hand, eye, foot coordination took some getting use to! But like anything its just a matter of time.

IMG_1524The pedal is also supplied with a AC/DC mains adapter that should work anywhere.

IMG_1515Along with the Bug Bond Original-Lite and Original-Clear the new pedal switch mains attachment, is another step forward in fly tying with UV resins.

For release date and availability see:

2 thoughts on “Pedal power for Bug Bond is now available!

  1. Hi, with reference to the Bug bond light power pedal to the mains etc…I bought one last week …it is awesome. No more faffin with batteries, you get full curing power every time !

  2. Just a small note to remember about the mains adapter ….it is polarity affected. so if it doesn’t work when you plug it in? Change the adapter plug fixing the other way. I heard a story from a certain internet supplier, I can’t mention names; but I will say, they speak with a Scottish Glaswegian accent…That a certain customer had spent all day trying to fix the pedal the torch , checking fuses etc,etc…he had the micro-switch apart the lot. He spent most of his day taking it all apart and putting it all back together again…Only to find that the jack plug that fits into the mains adapter lead before fitting into the pedal, was polarity effective. He only had to swap the pins around into the holes , and it would have worked ! lol