Contre-Jour Photo exhibition

Just a short message for all my friends regarding my exhibition of fly fishing and fly tying that opens  friday 6. December at my studio from 18.00 – 21.00. So if you are around please pop in, everyone is welcome. Studio Address: Sliperivegen 16 Myren Industriområde 3718 Skien + 4792858609 Kjære venner, Du er herved invitert til åpning av min ‘pop-up’ utstilling  contre-jour. Jeg stiller ut mer en 30 bilder, med motiver fra fluefiske og fluebinding. Fredag 6te desember kl. 18.00  til  21.00Utstillingen vil også være åpen lørdag 7ende desember fra 10.00  til  17.00. (eller etter avtale) Sliperivegen 16 Myren Industriområde 3718 Skien … Continue reading Contre-Jour Photo exhibition

The mother of all daddy’s

The mother of all Daddy’s   Many daddy patterns are somewhat delicate and easily damaged, be it by fish, or even prolonged casting, and general ware and tare.  Here are a couple of patterns that show you how to make your daddy’s not only more resilient, but also with added float ability.   Tipulidae or Daddy long legs as they are more commonly known, are a familiar sight both on and off the water more or less the whole summer.  There are in fact several hundred species of daddy’s from just a couple of mm  to over 40 mm long.  … Continue reading The mother of all daddy’s