Fly fishing for trout and grayling in Norway

For more information, availability and prices, about fishing for trout and grayling in some of Norway’s best rivers see,  or contact Gudmund on Click on photos for larger image and text. Continue reading Fly fishing for trout and grayling in Norway

Fly Tying head gear!

Since I posted the video of the Veniard 120 challenge, I have been bombarded with questions about the head gear David Edwards and myself are using! They come with three separate lenses x 2. x 2.5 and x 3 that just clip on and off. The head band is adjustable and fits all. If you wish to improve your tying these will do it overnight!! You can see the slightest mistake and the rest. They are available from: Sandra or Dave at: The Anglers Lodge Jubilee Lakes Redworth Darlington Co Durham DL2 2UH Email:- Though we dispatch every working … Continue reading Fly Tying head gear!

‘The Hoodlum’ sea trout streamer

After approximately four years in testing my Hoodlum sea trout streamer has passed with flying colours! Although a little fancy this streamer was inspired by the sparser flat-wing patterns that have been so effective on Scandinavian salt water sea trout.  There are several techniques and materials involved but once mastered, it doesn’t take long to tie.   The front placed heavy single hook gives the Hoodlum a dynamic and realistic swimming action in the water that is irresistible.  As you can see in the above image an endless amount of colour combinations are possible, the most effective under testing where … Continue reading ‘The Hoodlum’ sea trout streamer

Deer Hair Immerger.

Presentation is alfa and omega when fishing emergers. This incredibly simple pattern, truly, it only takes a few minutes to tie! makes emergers into immergers. This technique places your pattern right below the surface film (immersed) as if the insect is actually climbing out of the shuck onto the surface. Taking my Fender emerger one step further by extending the deer hair parachute post which places the entire hook, and tippet point entirely under the surface… All you need: Hook: Mustad C49S Tying Thread: Dyneema Body: Moose hair coated with Bug Bond  for Bug Bond see links: Post: … Continue reading Deer Hair Immerger.

European Roe Deer Hair, tools and top tying tips 2

Here it is, working with deer hair, all three parts in one post, updated with new techniques  and images. Deer hair is normally described as hollow, This doesn´t mean that it´s hollow like a drinking straw, but that each hair is built up of hundreds of small air filled cells. This type of hair structure is most defined in deer from areas with an extreme winter climate. The result, the colder it is, the better the spinning qualities, with some exceptions. The hair from our own reindeer and the north american caribou. In order to achieve optimal insulation, these hairs … Continue reading European Roe Deer Hair, tools and top tying tips 2