‘The Hoodlum’ sea trout streamer


After approximately four years in testing my Hoodlum sea trout streamer has passed with flying colours!

Although a little fancy this streamer was inspired by the sparser flat-wing patterns that have been so effective on Scandinavian salt water sea trout.  There are several techniques and materials involved but once mastered, it doesn’t take long to tie.  


The front placed heavy single hook gives the Hoodlum a dynamic and realistic swimming action in the water that is irresistible.  As you can see in the above image an endless amount of colour combinations are possible, the most effective under testing where blue & white and orange & white but let your imagination go wild and create your own!

Hook: Mustad 60543NP # 4-6

Tying thread: Dyneema

Tail:  white buck-tail

Tail flanks: Two white and two blue grizzle hackles

Flash: Blue Fringe wing

Body: Blue body braid

Wing: Blue and black buck-tail with two cree saddle hackles

Throat:  White buck-tail

Topping: Peacock herl

Horns: Two strands of Blue tip dyed Lady Amherst pheasant tail fibers

Cheeks: Jungle cock.

IMG_64301 Secure your hook in the vice.


2 Attach your tying thread about half way along the hook shank.


3 Cut a small bunch of white buck-tail. I use Spirit rivers UV2 buck-tail to give the effect of a translucent underbody.



Clean the buck-tail of all short hair and underfur. Tie in as shown.


5 Select and prepare two white webby cock hackles the same size.


6 Flank each side of the buck-tail with the white cock hackles. Once tied in apply a little varnish to the whippings.


7 Now flank the white hackles with two blue grizzle hackles, one each side.


8 Fringe wing is a relative new material from Veniards. Its like lite brite hanks but easier to handle.


9 The base of the Fringe wing is welded, this makes it easy to cut and tie in. Cut a fine strip from the edge of the weld.


10 The result!


11 Now tie in the Fringe wing on top of the hook shank over the tail.


12 Wrap the short body with a blue body braid. Make sure that you have enough room for the wing and head of the fly.


13 Prepare a bunch of long blue buck-tail and tie in as shown.


14 place a little shorter bunch of Black buck-tail on top of the blue wing.


15 Take a bunch of white buck-tail the same length as the blue wing and tie in for the throat.


16 Select two long cree or similar saddle hackles and tie in on top and at the sides of the wing, extending a little longer than the tail.


17 From the base of a peacock eye, select six or seven herls, pull all these off together! This will keep them attached to each other and make tying in easier.


18 Tie in the peacock herl in the center of the wing as a topping.


19 This is Spirit Rivers tip dyed Lady Amherst tail, remove only two long fibers.


20 Tie in the two Amherst horns one each side of the wing. This makes the fly ‘pop’ when finished.


21 Tie in two jungle cock eyes and whip finish. The fly look a little large right now!


22 Once you have given the head of the fly a coat of varnish wait for it to dry.  Once dry, holding the fly by the hook eye hold it vertically under the tap in warm running water too soak it! Once drenched as above place your fly flat to dry. 


23 When dry all the materials will hold their correct position as above.


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