SiM Fly Festival 2016

Well, back home after another phenomenal weekend at the SiM fly festival in Castel di Sangro, Italy. To meet each year with some of the finest fly tyers in the world and spend time together in such wonderful surroundings is a really gift and I wouldn’t miss it for anything. This year I am truly honoured and more than a little bit proud, to have received the ‘Claudio D’Angelo’ award for best international fly tyer 2016. I would like to thank you all, fly tyers of the world, old and new, for your constant support and never ending inspiration… Continue reading SiM Fly Festival 2016

How to tie Cookshill’s Killer streamer

This is a streamer I recently designed for Steve Cooper who runs BFFI (British Fly Fair International ) and is owner of Cookshill fly tying materials. Steve asked me to make a pattern for the BFFI 2017 show. With the show being located in Staffordshire, famous for it bone china and porcelain production, Steve has a commemorative coffee mug made each year, the 2017 mug will be adorned with a photo of ‘Cookshill’s Killer. If you don’t know Steve’s web shop please take a look, some of the best natural materials around, most of which Steve prepares himself… If you haven’t … Continue reading How to tie Cookshill’s Killer streamer

How to tie Rat Faced Mc dougal

One of my favourite flies to tie, the rat faced Mc dougal. This is a Harry and Elise Darby pattern. Although it was originally tied with grizzle hackle tip wings, Harry Darby said he preferred fishing it with calf tail wings as it was more visible at a distance. The original body was also just natural spun deer hair but here I have given it a natural white underside. The tail is also deer hair, but from the summer coat of the European roe deer. Although it requires a little skill to tie correctly it’s well worth doing, a very … Continue reading How to tie Rat Faced Mc dougal