Melt glue caddis pupa tutorial

Melt Glue Caddis Pupa: Hook: Mustad C49SNP-BR # 12-8 Thread: Dyneema Body: Melt Glue Gills/rib: Olive Ostrich herl Feelers: Two pheasant tail fibers Thorax/Head: Cream and Black Antron / hares ear dubbing and CdC A good  caddis pupa  pattern can make the difference between no fish and fish ! When the caddis fly hatches into the adult insect the species are more or less, divided into two. The ones that hatch at the surface in open water and the those that make there way to the shore, where they climb out on plants or any other structure that is available.  … Continue reading Melt glue caddis pupa tutorial

The Petitjean Photo Master Vice

I thought that you might like to see this ‘one off’ vice that was hand-made by Marc Petitjean for me!  Marc designed the vice to make photographing flies easier, or should I say quicker. Once a fly is placed in the jaws of the vice, the vice head can be removed and placed into one of the very precisely engineered 4 head slots. This gives the impression of true rotary (through the camera) creating a 360 degree effect both horizontally and vertically ! Photographically this means that I can photograph a fly from above, underneath, the side and from the … Continue reading The Petitjean Photo Master Vice

Shove,Shave,Singe and Sand Technique

    My Shove, Shave, Singe and Sand technique for the tightest deer hair bodies. Probably the most frequent question I am asked at shows and demos is how do I get my small deer hair bodies so tight. Well heres my secret in full step by step tuition. This is one of my very early patterns the deer hair pupa that was inspired by a meeting with the late Gary LaFontaine many years ago and his own deep sparkle pupa pattern. The first requirement for tight bodies is the correct deer hair. Although I acquire most of my own … Continue reading Shove,Shave,Singe and Sand Technique

The Spool Tower

THE SPOOL TOWER There are constantly new tools, gadgets and other fly tying paraphernalia being launched as a must have for your fly tying bench. The truth be known, most of them are re-invented copies of existing tools or just down right useless, creating only more clutter on the tying bench for you to keep in order. That being said, once in a while you come across an item that actually does help keep things in check, the spool tower is one of them! I was recently made aware of this storage system at EWF by its creator Herwig Haas … Continue reading The Spool Tower