Daddy’s legs

This is an old but still good and quick method for tying the knots in pheasant tail fibres for crane fly and hopper legs. Its like riding a bike once learnt never forgotten! Please remember to subscribe to the feather benders You Tube channel:   Advertisements Continue reading Daddy’s legs


A new batch of sculls now available…

The feather benders home grown and hand crafted fly tyers wax scull’s. It’s not that long ago that pre-waxed tying thread was not readily available, and tyers, especially of the more classic stile patterns resorted to various types of wax to make tying more easy and the natural threads such as cotton and silk more durable. Because the majority of tying threads available today are pre-waxed, the practice of waxing your own tying thread has been somewhat neglected or almost forgotten for most fly tyers. Apart from the obvious advantages as mentioned above, waxing your own thread makes easy work … Continue reading A new batch of sculls now available…

Many happy returns of the day!

  PatteGrisen (Suckling pig) Its ten years today that the pig was born. There are, I am sure, hundreds, if not thousands of new fly patterns that are tied each year for salt water sea trout alone, most of which only taste salt water once before being retired to the fly box, and the fisherman returns to good old tried and tested reliable patterns. When you see a new pattern for the first time, you have a instant perception as to wether it will work or not ! The pattegriesen radiates everything that a sea trout pattern should, and just … Continue reading Many happy returns of the day!

The Irish Fly Fair

At the weekend I will be tying at the Irish Fly Fair & International Angling Show at the Galway Bay Hotel in Salthill on the west coast of Ireland. This is not only a great show with over 60 international fly tyers who will be sharing their skills and techniques with visitors but also loads of fly tying and game fishing related stands,  all in a great location. The Galway Bay Hotel. So you can spend the whole day wandering around the fly tying demos and shopping! The Hotel has also a great bar and restaurant so you can even … Continue reading The Irish Fly Fair