The Imperial Tarpon

The Imperial The “herring from hell” as it has affectionally been called or Tarpon as they are commonly known, has over the past 30 years established its self a very special reputation amongst fly fishermen all over the world. Coming myself from the cold north and the home of world class fishing for Atlantic salmon in Norway, fly tyers all over the world have celebrated the Atlantic salmon with hundreds of fully dressed classic salmon fly patterns to pursue the king of fish. As a tribute to the more recent exotic warm water species of game fish I decided to … Continue reading The Imperial Tarpon

Partidge caddis emerger

A real quick and simple pattern that works wonders under caddis hatches, pulled long and slow just under the surface. Have a great Sunday Friends! Thanks for watching and please remember to subscribe to the feather benders You Tube channel, your help and support in keeping the channel going is greatly appreciated: Continue reading Partidge caddis emerger