Setting your bobbin tension

The second short video in the series, fly tying for beginners. One of the most important elementary skills is knowing how to set the tension on your bobbin holder. This little tutorial will help stop your bobbin holder un-winding thread, under its own weight when hanging from the hook when tension is too little, and stop you breaking your thread when wrapping, because tension is too much. Remember to adjust your bobbin each time you feel the tension is not to your liking, and every time you use a different spool size. These short tutorials will hopefully help all those who are new to our craft, fly tying clubs & workshops, to get the new beginner off to a solid start and establish a good foundation for mastering the art of fly tying. If you have any questions regarding anything “fly tying” you can post a comment and I’ll try and answer it as soon as possible. If you know anyone that is starting tying, especially youngsters, please recommend this new series for them, they are the future of our craft!