Clarkes All Purpose Emerger

Clarkes All Purpose Emerger is without doubt one of my absolute most productive trout & grayling patterns. Tied on a # 12,14 or 16 hook, as here, it makes a fantastic caddis pupa but on smaller sizes, even down to a # 22, it’s my first choice every time for hatching midge.

All Purpose Emerger materials:

  • Hook: Mustad C49S # 16
  • Tying thread: Sheer Tan 14/0
  • Trailing shuck: Pearl Crystal flash
  • Legs & hump: Natural European Roe deer
  • Body: SuperFine Dubbing: Blue winged olive

2 thoughts on “Clarkes All Purpose Emerger

  1. I concur that this is a very productive fly pattern! The rainbow trout in one my streams were quite interested in it. A lot of midges inhabit that stream so I tied it on a #18 hook with bleached hair and claret-colored dubbing. It definitely worked well.