Bead Head Diving Caddis

An nice little wet pattern that imitates a diving egg laying caddis fly. The small Tungsten bead head will put this caddis where it needs to be. The wing and collar creating a trapped air bubble effect. Again a few nice techniques that can be put to good use in other patterns.

Bead Head Diving Caddis materials:

  • Hook: Mustad R43 # 12
  • Bead: 2.8 mm silver Tungsten slotted bead
  • Thread: Sheer 14/0 Tan
  • Body: 3 Moose mane hairs
  • Wing: Hen mallard breast feather
  • Hackle: Speckled partridge
  • Collar: Superfine dubbing

2 thoughts on “Bead Head Diving Caddis

  1. That’s a beautiful fly! Again, the tapered effect of the multi-colored moose mane body is outstanding. I just acquired some hen mallard belly feathers so I am definitely going to try tying this one. I do have a few questions (again) though: 1) Why are you using a slotted bead on a standard nymph hook? Is it because it’s more spherical than a standard round bead? 2) How do you fish this fly just under the surface? Won’t the tungsten bead and resin-coated body cause it to sink rather quickly?

    1. Hi, a regular bead of this dimension will not go around the the R43 hook bend, it has to be slotted. No the bead is only 2.8mm so it doesn’t sink that quickly, and I fish it on a floating line.