A quick and simple one for Friday night.

This is a quick Friday night, simple and realistic melt glue caddis pupa. Although it takes a little practice to master the use of melt glue, once mastered its a great material.

Secure your caddis hook in the vice and tie in a long olive osrtrich herl at the bend
Remove your tying thread and apply a little melt glue on top of the hook shank.
With a lighter soften the melt glue, so it runs around the hook shank. But be careful not to burn it.
While the glue is still soft, but not too soft, wind on the herl rib so it sinks a little into the glue.
Once the rib is on wet your finger and wipe the top of the body from the eye to the bend so the herl sits fast into the glue.
Take a water proof felt pen and mark the top of the body. Attach your tying thread again.
The body should now look like this from above.
Make a dubbing loop and spin a little CdC for the collar.
Wind on the CdC dubbing loop.
Now apply a little buggy dubbing to form the thorax.
Whip finish and brush out the fibers of the dubbing. I use an old tooth brush.
Your finished melt glue caddis pupa. You can see the transparent body.

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6 thoughts on “A quick and simple one for Friday night.

  1. Thanks a lot for this great catching fly!
    I am not familiar with this kind of “melt glue” , what is it exactly ( name) ??, were to buy??
    Thanks allready for your reply..

    1. Hi Marcel,

      The melt glue gun, or Crazy glue gun as its called in the USA, Is a hobby tool that can be bought at most hardware stores just for a few Euro. You can get glue in just about any colour from clear to colours with glitter in them. You can also see some other patterns I have made with melt glue on this blog:

      Virtual Minnow and Mutantz.

      Hope this helps you.


    2. Thanks Barry for your fast reply and info , i´ll definite find it arround here and will try to copy your example.