Three simple dubbing techniques

This is another very important tutorial, illustrating how the same dubbing can be used in three different techniques for three very different results. All three of these techniques can be utilized on all types on many different style of fly. If these simple skills are learned and practiced they will not only improve your tying but also make your time spent at the vice, much more enjoyable, and will result in neater and quicker flies. These short tutorials will hopefully help all those who are new to our craft, fly tying clubs & workshops, to get the new beginner off … Continue reading Three simple dubbing techniques

‘The Hoodlum’ sea trout streamer

After approximately four years in testing my Hoodlum sea trout streamer has passed with flying colours! Although a little fancy this streamer was inspired by the sparser flat-wing patterns that have been so effective on Scandinavian salt water sea trout.  There are several techniques and materials involved but once mastered, it doesn’t take long to tie.   The front placed heavy single hook gives the Hoodlum a dynamic and realistic swimming action in the water that is irresistible.  As you can see in the above image an endless amount of colour combinations are possible, the most effective under testing where … Continue reading ‘The Hoodlum’ sea trout streamer

Marc Petitjean – CdC deer hair caddis

It’s been a while, but I am back, and posting more patterns after a busy season photographing and fishing, where I have been testing new patterns and materials that I will be writing about later.  I have also visited some new destinations that I am sure, will blow your socks off! I will reveal more later.  On arriving back from my travels, there is a mountain of new materials, tools and books waiting for me to review so keep tuned as I will be going through the best of these as and when I get time. Marc also extends the … Continue reading Marc Petitjean – CdC deer hair caddis

muddler minnow streamer

Fly tying course Muddler Minnow – how to tie

  Unquestionably the most famous of all streamers, and the model for many others. Hook: Mustad R73NP-BR # 10-4Thread: Dyneema (waxed)Tail: Mottled turkeyBody: Flat gold tinselRib: Copper wireUnderwing: Grey squirrel tailWing: Mottled turkeyCollar/Head: Spun and clipped natural deer hair  A … Continue reading Fly tying course Muddler Minnow – how to tie