Shove,Shave,Singe and Sand Technique

    My Shove, Shave, Singe and Sand technique for the tightest deer hair bodies. Probably the most frequent question I am asked at shows and demos is how do I get my small deer hair bodies so tight. Well heres my secret in full step by step tuition. This is one of my very early patterns the deer hair pupa that was inspired by a meeting with the late Gary LaFontaine many years ago and his own deep sparkle pupa pattern. The first requirement for tight bodies is the correct deer hair. Although I acquire most of my own … Continue reading Shove,Shave,Singe and Sand Technique

Mustad catalogue 2014

Hi, I must start again by apologizing for my absence lately (again) but I have been very busy tying and photographing flies for the new Mustad hook catalogue for 2014. Heres a sneak preview of a few of the patterns. I hope to be back blogging over the weekend, have a good one. Bee Cee Clapping crab tied on a Mustad C70SNP-DT   Kill Bill Salmon double Tied on a Mustad 80525-BL Sølv Dokka Tied on a Mustad R70NP-BR Vulturine Tarpon Tied on a Mustad C68SNP-ZS Circle shrimp Tied on a Mustad C71SNP-SS Streaking Caddis Tied on a Mustad R30NP-BR           … Continue reading Mustad catalogue 2014