The aim of this blog is to connect fly-tyers all over the world, to share, techniques, patterns, information and knowledge.


Screaming Banshee

A great little skating caddis pattern tied with elk hair.


Quick foam hopper

You don’t need anything more complicated for fishing a grasshopper. This is a quick and extremely easy pattern that everyone can tie. Just change the colour and size you need to match the hatch. Tied in all black it also makes a excellent cricket imitation.

Antron caddis pupa

A semi realistic caddis pupa thats a real easy tie. Just learn the technique and change the colour of Antron to match your hatch.

A little humour for these troubling times.


The Grizzly Muddler

A little twist on a well known classic with a couple old but good techniques. One of my most productive streamers, especially for sea run browns.

Hook: Mustad S71 # 4 Thread: Dyneema Tail & Wing: Grizzle hackle tips Body: Silver Holo Braid Collar: Webby grizzle hackle Head: Spun natural deer hair

Deer hair hackle suspender midge

The second technique for tying a deer hair parachute hackle with an extremely buggy effect, that will float all day long and then some.

Keep calm & tie flies…


I feel that you visit this site for fun, for fly tying, and hopefully to be inspired. I also feel that for some of you right now, in these dark times, it may feel inappropriate and wrong. I completely understand that many of you will not want to visit during this time as you might find it trivial in respect to what the world is facing right now. However, I am also aware that if we are going to be spending more time at home, then we need to find things we can do, read and learn to pass at least some of the time. In addition, many of you are older and may enjoy this as a place to hang out and chat about things. And, let’s be honest, if we’re going to be at home more, then maybe now’s the time to sort out those hooks and materials and fill those fly boxes for the coming season… so for those of you that continue to visit, how about we really get into the comments? I am in quarantine myself so I’m ready to answer any fly tying questions you may have. Let’s check on each other, look after each other’s mental health and well-being while feeling calmed and inspired by our chosen art of fly tying. Some of you will live alone and some of you will know people who live alone, give them a call, show some empathy, they may need someone to do the shopping for them, or just chat?   Be kind, be nice and let’s look out for each other. Stay safe, keep calm and tie flies.

Mosquito or midge?

A simple but effective pattern for mosquito and midge fishing with a couple of nifty techniques and only using Grizzle hackle and moose mane hair.

Tying a Chocolate & Vanilla Chomper

One of the first patterns I tied and fished. The original had a Raffia shell back. This quick and easy pattern is still catching fish for me today, in both fresh and salt water. Although chocolate & vanilla is my top colour combo, try different colours for your own custom chomper’s. You won’t be disappointed.

#16 Black Gnat wet fly.

This # 16 wet fly is loosely based upon Halford’s original dry that is still used by a great deal of anglers today. Constructed from traditional materials, crow, wood pigeon & starling, with this on the end of your line, cast down and swung across stream, few wild fish will let it pass.

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