The aim of this blog is to connect fly-tyers all over the world, to share, techniques, patterns, information and knowledge.


Braided backing adult damsel

A quick and simple adult damsel with an extended body maid from braided backing line. A pattern that works wonders during the summer months on lakes with prolific damsel hatches.


Hot Spot Gammarus

When gammarus shrimps are attacked by a parasitic worm, the parasite is visible from the outside as a red/orange dot. Thanks to this hot spot, fish not only see it better, but also find it more attractive! Only fish that are suitable as hosts, (trout) preferentially eat the infected shrimps. Thereafter the parasitic worm completes its development in the fish. . Need I say more?

The Yellow may dun

A quick but easy, semi realistic, size 12 yellow mayfly dun with Wally wings. Another good looking pattern that illustrates a few techniques that can be put to good use, in other patterns.

The White Wulff


The White Wulff along with the Grey Wulff and Royal Wulff are the original series that Lee Wulff designed himself. The White Wulff ticks all the boxes for the perfect pattern, basic materials, easy to tie, floats well, is easy to see, even at a distance and resembles one or another thing that trout will eat.

Italian Job

Locandina Instagram

For my Italian friends and any other friends that are in the Bologna area of Italy on Saturday 25th of January. I will be tying and talking all day at the brilliant 54 Dean Street fly fishing & fly tying shop and it’s going to be a gas, so I would love to see you there. Ciao!

We like to start this 2020 in the best way, with Barry Ord Clarke at the 54 Dean Street store.
On Saturday 25th January Barry will be presenting and signing copies of his newest book and will demonstrate some of his amazing flies.
Vogliamo iniziare questo 2020 alla grande, con Barry Ord Clarke allo store 54DS.
Barry presenterà e firmerà copie del suo nuovo libro e ci mostrerà alcune delle sue affascinanti mosche.
Sabato 25 Gennaio dalle ore 15,00 allo store di 54 Dean Street a San Lazzaro di Savena

The Transformer


A simple but effective generic attractor. The transformer is an excellent pattern to fish dry when nothing in particular is happening on the surface. Or another popular technique with still water fishermen, is to weight it down and fish it wet.

Tying a Hackle tip Adams

Probably the most used dry fly ever! The great Danish fly tyer, Poul Jorgensen, recalled a conversation with Ed Van Put while fishing the Beaverkill, he asked what was the best fly to use. Without hesitation Ed replied with a grin, “It doesn’t really matter, just as long as it’s an Adams” Need I say more…

Tying the Yellow Damsel


A real quick & easy tie for a super effective attractor pattern. It also includes a couple of good to know techniques that can be carried over to other patterns.

Tying a Stalking Bug

A simple little bug, that is not only great for stalking fish in clear water, but also a very effective jig to use when nothing particular is happening on the surface.

The Cormorant mini lure

Although a quick and easy tie, this is one of the most popular and effective mini lures of recent years.

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