The Feather Bender’s Tying Techniques giveaway

If you are a subscriber to The Feather Bender, you may have noticed a new look to the site over the last few days. It’ been a long time coming, but its here now!  As a little celebration I will be drawing one lucky subscriber to win a signed copy of my latest book and a small box of flies tied by me. If you all ready subscribe, all you have to do is like this post and share it to one of the social media tags to the left. If you are not a subscriber, scroll down the column … Continue reading The Feather Bender’s Tying Techniques giveaway

Three simple dubbing techniques

This is another very important tutorial, illustrating how the same dubbing can be used in three different techniques for three very different results. All three of these techniques can be utilized on all types on many different style of fly. If these simple skills are learned and practiced they will not only improve your tying but also make your time spent at the vice, much more enjoyable, and will result in neater and quicker flies. These short tutorials will hopefully help all those who are new to our craft, fly tying clubs & workshops, to get the new beginner off … Continue reading Three simple dubbing techniques

The Book – Petitjean CDC

For all you CDC fans, the Petitjean book is now available for order from: This monumental book gathers on more than 40 years of fly-tying, innovation and a passion for fly-fishing. In this his legacy, Marc reveals some of his secrets about CDC’s unique properties, his concepts in designing flies and, last but not least,  a series of brand new, appealing and easy-to-tie patterns. Marc Petitjean Photography Barry Ord Clarke 500 pages 3000 photographs Continue reading The Book – Petitjean CDC

Petitjean CDC – The book

The long awaited book ‘Petitjean CDC’ that Marc and I have been working on for seven years, had its launch at the weekend at BFFI. As with everything else that Marc gets involved with, the book is beautifully designed and a joy to use. Each step by step page is a wealth of information, with required materials and tools for each pattern, step by step instruction, tying difficulty level. Each pattern is photographed from four different angles, side, above, under and forward, giving you detailed information on each fly. Each chapter is colour coded so you can finger your way … Continue reading Petitjean CDC – The book

30 years of flies…

Although you can never have enough flies, after 30 years of tying trout flies for articles, demos, courses and videos, I have decided to have a clear out of all the boxes of flies I have tied over these years. I am going to split them up into dozens with a signed card, and let them go for $25.00 per dozen, including package and postage anywhere in the world. Thats not even $2.00 per fly! All the flies are of framing quality, and tied by me. Each dozen will contain a mixture of dry, nymph, wet, emerger, classic and modern … Continue reading 30 years of flies…