Fly fishing the Shetland islands

584 lochs that are larger than one hectare and trout swim in 98% of them. Thats what drew me to the islands that lie between the North sea and the Atlantic Ocean.   The flight to Sumburgh Airport on the southern point of Shetland took a little longer than anticipated, due to fog. I was informed that when there is a heat wave on main land UK , there will be fog on Shetland. Looking at the BBC weather forecast while waiting in the departure lounge of Inverness Airport, they reported several deaths due to heat stroke in southern England … Continue reading Fly fishing the Shetland islands


Pseudo Spinner

Fishing, or even identifying a mayfly spinner fall can be one of the most challenging situations a fly fisherman can experience! Its all about breaking codes and learning to read the signs. With the larger mayflies its somewhat easier to recognize the spinner fall, danica and vulgata are so large that they can be seen at a greater distance floating in a crucifix posture and lifeless in the surface, sometimes with such a high mortality rate they cover the whole surface of the river. But smaller darker and sometimes almost transparent species can be difficult to see even at close … Continue reading Pseudo Spinner

Helter Skelter Pike Fly jig.

Hook Mustad S74SZ # 2/0-4/0 Thread Dyneema Body E-Z Body XL filled with 3-5 beads Under wing White buck tail Wing Chartreuse and white Icelandic sheep Over wing Lime green Big fish fiber Sides Grizzle cock hackles coloured yellow Eyes Large mobile eyes and bug bond or epoxy I developed the Heltor skeltor to maximize all the attractor elements possible in one fly. The Icelandic sheep and big fly fiber are extremely mobile in water, but their effect is enhanced by the weight of the brass beads that roll back and forth in the body tube giving not only a … Continue reading Helter Skelter Pike Fly jig.

The word has it, that the worm is 14 days early this year!

The ragworms wedding as it is known, is called the springs most exciting adventure for the sea trout fisherman. And if you are lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time, there is no danger for you not connecting with fish. Although ragworms are on the sea trouts menu the whole year round, its in the spring under the annual swarming that the sea trout will go on a feeding frenzy and gorge themselves on the worms. There are many patterns known to sea trout fishermen to imitate the worm, some better than others, some simple … Continue reading The word has it, that the worm is 14 days early this year!

Fly fishing for trout and grayling in Norway

For more information, availability and prices, about fishing for trout and grayling in some of Norway’s best rivers see,  or contact Gudmund on Click on photos for larger image and text. Continue reading Fly fishing for trout and grayling in Norway

Fender Parachute

This is a quick and simple parachute technique that requires only deer hair and Bug Bond. Hook: Mustad C49 Tying thread: Dyneema Body: Moose mane hair Hackle: Roe deer hair and Bug Bond Thorax: Underfur from deer or moose winter coat. 1. Secure your emerger hook in the vice with as much of the bend clear of the jaws. Continue reading Fender Parachute

The Autumn is upon us.

Hi, I am now back from a weeks fishing with Marc petitjean and Neil Patterson on the Kvennan beat of the river Glomma here in Norway.  We had a great week with lots of grayling on dry fly, up-to 45 cm. I will be posting a full rapport from this trip later. Heres a snap of Neil doing his thing… And Marc doing his… Just to keep you up to date, hunting has started here and the first opportunity I get (the next deer I shoot) I will be doing a step by step tutorial on skinning and preparing the … Continue reading The Autumn is upon us.

Proppen-Without doubt my most productive sea trout fly….

This is my variant of one of the best salmon flies in recent years. It is, without doubt my most productive fly for salt water sea trout fishing.  There is something about this pattern that sea trout just can’t resist. On many occasions when there are sea trout feeding or on the move, and they just follow the fly and won’t take, this small fly works most of the time.  Fished on a long fine leader and floating line just under the surface with a very slow figure of eight retrieve, the takes are savage and powerful, driving the tiny … Continue reading Proppen-Without doubt my most productive sea trout fly….

Edson Tiger

One of the great classic American streamers, developed by the well know fly tier  Bill Edson in 1929. The Edson Tiger dark & light where influenced by a streamer called “Dick´s Killer” that Edson received from fellow fly tier Dick Eastman of New Hampshire in 1928.  The original patterns tied and sold by Edson where with jungle cock cheeks, but later he replaced the jungle cock with small teardrop brass plates which was apparently done, not only because of the increasing price of the already expensive jungle cock but also difficulty in obtaining a regular supply of it. But soon … Continue reading Edson Tiger