Fly Tying course # 18 Flying Mutantz

Flying Mutantz After much response regarding my Mutantz pattern I published last year, here is the new and improved Flying Mutant that has fished extremely well for me this year, with a few new techniques that can be applied to other patterns.    On the warmest summer days the temperature rises in the south facing ant hills and triggers the annual swarming.  Ants are not good flyers, so they leave the nest in large numbers to increase the chances of establishing a new colony. When they take to the wing they are at the mercy of the wind and end … Continue reading Fly Tying course # 18 Flying Mutantz

Fly Tying with a gun.

  Tying with melt glue does require a little more practice and patience than most regular materials. But the results can be rewarding!  Melt glue is a material that one has to get used to using. Once its mastered, it can be put to use not only in developing new patterns but also as a substitute in existing ones. Melt glue guns come in various sizes from hobby to industrial, I find the hobby size not only the cheapest but also the easiest to employ. Another advantage with the hobby gun is the amount of different glue that is available. … Continue reading Fly Tying with a gun.


A short excerpt from ‘The Ant Eater’ by Roald Dahl The ant-eater arrived half-dead. It looked at Roy and softly said, “I’m famished. Do you think you could “Please give me just a little food? “A crust of bread, a bit of meat? “I haven’t had anything to eat “In all the time I was at sea, “For nobody looked after me,” Roy shouted, “No! No bread or meat! “Go find some ants! They’re what you eat!” The starving creature crawled away. It searched the garden night and day, It hunted every inch of ground, But not one single ant … Continue reading Mutantz!