Wine for fly tyers. Barbera D’Alba 2012

Wine for fly tyers. Barbera D'Alba 2012

My first photograph for a wine label, fly tying inspired of course…

Fly Tester – Take your fly tying to the next level

Fly Tester

Nesting Hair Stacker set

One thought on “Wine for fly tyers. Barbera D’Alba 2012

  1. Hi,
    when I take my kids to the ZOO or if I see the birds when fishing I see my materials for flytieing – even when I look at the XMas Tree, the reindeers of Santa Claus or the wings of an angel I think of how to use it for my fly or streamer. When my daughter cut her long hairs she brought her hair to me with the words : make sure you get a nice fish with it. And most of all – I dont know anyone who was able to tie a fly with nothing but a glass of wine and the imagination:)