Fishing with Royalty

This is the most regal member of the Wulff pack, a legacy pattern from the  legendary fly tyer and fishermen Lee Wulff.  The Royal Wulff is probably the most popular riffle pattern.  As the name suggests these fat patterns with white wings float high in a fast riffle or broken water, the wing making it highly visible to the angler at a distance and in low light. Hook: Mustad 94840 R 50 # 8-16 Tying thread: Black Wing: White calf tail Tail: Moose body hair, or deer hair Body: Peacock herl divided by a band of red floss Hackle: Dark … Continue reading Fishing with Royalty

The royal member of the Wulff pack

The Royal Wulff As the name says, the man behind the famous series of patterns was Lee Wulff and the most famous of all is the Wulff that is Royal! The fattest pattern of the Wulff family is just as good fished as a searching pattern as it is as a adult may fly. It just presses all the right buttons, It floats high, its visible even at a great distance in rough water and looks like a mouthful of whatever trout are eating. Although a great pattern, I hardly ever see people tying it! Why is that? It’s a … Continue reading The royal member of the Wulff pack