Marc Petitjean explains the Swiss Vice

After having received many questions regarding the vice I am using, I have made a short film with Marc showing many of the functions and applications of his Swiss Vice. If you enjoy the videos please subscribe to my YouTube channel below. Your help and support in keeping the channel going is greatly appreciated. Thanks… Continue reading Marc Petitjean explains the Swiss Vice

Barry Ord Clarke tying room…

This ia a short tour of my tying room and photo studio here at home. Not the best filming but you’ll get a good idea of how its layed out and works. If you enjoy the videos please subscribe to my YouTube channel below. Your help and support in keeping the channel going is greatly appreciated. Thanks… Continue reading Barry Ord Clarke tying room…

Coq de Leon

These are spade hackles from the roosters of rare breeds of domestic fowl, that originate from the region of Leon in northern Spain. Flor De Escoba The feathers have remarkable colourations and, in the traditional Spanish patterns in which they where used, are not wound onto the hook as a normal hackle.Instead bunches of the fibres are bound onto the hook and then splayed with the tying thread to obtain a radial hackle effect. The speckeled plumage also make excellent tails and caddis wings. The feathers have become more easy to obtain in recent years as their popularity within fly … Continue reading Coq de Leon

The Petitjean Photo Master Vice

I thought that you might like to see this ‘one off’ vice that was hand-made by Marc Petitjean for me!  Marc designed the vice to make photographing flies easier, or should I say quicker. Once a fly is placed in the jaws of the vice, the vice head can be removed and placed into one of the very precisely engineered 4 head slots. This gives the impression of true rotary (through the camera) creating a 360 degree effect both horizontally and vertically ! Photographically this means that I can photograph a fly from above, underneath, the side and from the … Continue reading The Petitjean Photo Master Vice

The Spool Tower

THE SPOOL TOWER There are constantly new tools, gadgets and other fly tying paraphernalia being launched as a must have for your fly tying bench. The truth be known, most of them are re-invented copies of existing tools or just down right useless, creating only more clutter on the tying bench for you to keep in order. That being said, once in a while you come across an item that actually does help keep things in check, the spool tower is one of them! I was recently made aware of this storage system at EWF by its creator Herwig Haas … Continue reading The Spool Tower

The Rolls Royce of Hair Stackers?

Recently I have been trying these absolutely fabulous multi hair stackers from Andi Lofflmann in Bavaria. They are not the cheapest hair stackers on the market, but when you get one in your hand you quickly understand why! They are so beautifully made. I have found them very useful when tying many flies of the same pattern, you can prepare the deer hair for four flies at once. Or when you are tying a pattern that requires several bunches of hair, you can stack them all at once. Andi’s small and medium multi stackers I believe they are available in … Continue reading The Rolls Royce of Hair Stackers?

Dry or Die

Hackle traditionally arouses the greatest passion amongst fly tyers. Cock (rooster) capes of particularly good or rare colour and those with sufficiently short barb length to enable small dry flies to be tied have always been prized. In the 60s and 70s it was a common complaint that good dry fly capes where scarce – to the extent that many of the “traditional” natural colours were virtually unobtainable. Dyeing and other methods such as blending two hackles were used to replicate difficult colours specified in old patterns. Things have improved dramatically since then, due to the efforts of specialist breeders … Continue reading Dry or Die

Fly tying tool review

Stonfo Pettine comb Its not often that I recommend tools but every now and again you come across one thats just worth knowing about. Over the years I have accumulated a good deal of fly tying tools, some bought and many received as gifts or for testing. These cover everything from the most essential tools, to the down right ridiculous. I also have some treasured tools that I wouldn’t part with for anything, hand made gems from friends and fellow fly tyers. So its nice to find a simple inexpensive tool, that I can highly recommend, that is specially designed … Continue reading Fly tying tool review