Coq de Leon review

These are spade hackles from the roosters of rare breeds of domestic fowl, that originate from the region of Leon in northern Spain. Flor De Escoba The feathers have remarkable colourations and, in the traditional Spanish patterns in which they where used, are not wound onto the hook as a normal hackle.Instead bunches of the fibres are bound onto the hook and then splayed with the tying thread to obtain a radial hackle effect. The speckeled plumage also make excellent tails and caddis wings. The feathers have become more easy to obtain in recent years as their popularity within fly … Continue reading Coq de Leon review

Hares ear dubbing prep part 1

After several requests I have made a short video for hares ear dubbing prep. Thanks for watching and please remember to subscribe to the feather benders You Tube channel: Buy MUSTAD signature hooks on AMAZON:Buy VENIARD product on AMAZON:Fly tying tools and materials shop TRIDENT:Buy SIMMS fishing products:EPIC water filters Very useful thing when fishing:Trouts fly fishing Premier Fly Shop & Outfitter:Polarized fishing sunglasses RHEOS 55$:TheRiversEdge flyfishing shop – Bozeman Montana:Buy STANLEY products. Free Shipping on all orders!Buy BEST fly tying VISE Continue reading Hares ear dubbing prep part 1

The Petitjean Photo Master Vice

I thought that you might like to see this ‘one off’ vice that was hand-made by Marc Petitjean for me!  Marc designed the vice to make photographing flies easier, or should I say quicker. Once a fly is placed in the jaws of the vice, the vice head can be removed and placed into one of the very precisely engineered 4 head slots. This gives the impression of true rotary (through the camera) creating a 360 degree effect both horizontally and vertically ! Photographically this means that I can photograph a fly from above, underneath, the side and from the … Continue reading The Petitjean Photo Master Vice

Regal Vise, how they are made!

Heres a nice little film from the science channel showing how a Regal vise is made. Although a good few minutes viewing, they could have made a better job with a little advice on how a vise is used from a real fly tyer… That being said, a good vise and a good advertisement for our craft! Enjoy. Buy MUSTAD signature hooks on AMAZON:Buy VENIARD product on AMAZON:Fly tying tools and materials shop TRIDENT:Buy SIMMS fishing products:EPIC water filters Very useful thing when fishing:Trouts fly fishing Premier Fly Shop & Outfitter:Polarized fishing sunglasses RHEOS 55$:TheRiversEdge flyfishing shop – Bozeman Montana:Buy … Continue reading Regal Vise, how they are made!

Dyneema tying thread

Right now I am at the cottage by the sea  busy writing the  new book on ‘Patterns for salt water sea trout’ Heres one of the Hoodlum images.  All 50 patterns in the book will be presented like this with full stage by stage tying instructions. The book is due for publication in March next year. Over the past few weeks I have had many questions regarding the tying thread I use and where it can be obtained heres the details. I will also re post the piece I did on tying with Dyneema. Veevus GSP Thread (Dyneema) A superb … Continue reading Dyneema tying thread

Head gear for tying!

Since I posted the video of the Veniard 120 challenge, I have been bombarded with questions about the head gear David Edwards and myself are using! They come with three separate lenses x 2. x 2.5 and x 3 that just clip on and off. The head band is adjustable and fits all. If you wish to improve your tying these will do it overnight!! You can see the slightest mistake and the rest. They are available from: Sandra or Dave at: The Anglers Lodge Jubilee Lakes Redworth Darlington Co Durham DL2 2UH Email:- Though we dispatch every working … Continue reading Head gear for tying!

Rute und Rolle

For all my German friends. In 2014, I will have deliverd fly tying step by step articles for the the top German Magazine ‘Rute und Rolle’ every month for the past twenty years! In december this year they will publish a whole special fly tying issue, with over 40 of my step by step patterns and a free pack of five of my favorit Mustad hooks. Danke Rute und Rolle! Continue reading Rute und Rolle

Running with scissors.

  Throughout my many years tying flies, I quickly understood that one of the most important tools are the scissors you use. During this time I have accumulated several dozen pairs of scissors, in all forms, shapes and sizes, but if I am honest, I have only four scissors that are constantly in use.    1. A pair of small extra fine pointed cuticle scissors for all the small detailed work and thread. 2. A General purpose serrated scissors for cutting tinsel, wire and heavier gauge materials. 3. A pair of long bladed straight scissors for larger jobs like preparing … Continue reading Running with scissors.

Pedal power for Bug Bond is now available!

The ultimate UV tool is now available! If you use Bug Bond, the new professional curing light is now available! One of the main advantages with this new mains operated foot pedal adapter is that you have full power constantly for optimal curing.  You can order your Bug Bond mains adapter now from:  It will also be available from all Veniard stockist soon! So what’s new…  For those of you that have seen me tie at any of the shows this year, you may have seen me using, the Professional UV light. A new attachment for the Bug Bond light, that … Continue reading Pedal power for Bug Bond is now available!

Playing with Polish Quills

Being no stranger to stripping and tying with quills, I was eager to try these new hand stripped peacock herl from Polish quills. At first sight I must say I was a little disappointed with the short length of the quills, they are approximately 6 cm in length, from end to end and have a usable area of about 5 cm. But I gave them a go and was pleasantly surprised that you could actually get quite a good length of body out of each quill. No doubt the shortness of the quill is reflected in where the herl is … Continue reading Playing with Polish Quills

Melt Glue Caddis Pupa

Keeping on the theme of melt glue I thought I would show you this pattern that has a little different technique than the Mutant. Here I combine the  material into the melt glue. It does take a little practice and time to master these melt glue techniques but the results are worth it! For more general info on caddis pupa take a look at the Bee Cee caddis in the archive. Melt Glue Caddis Pupa: Hook: Mustad C49SNP-BR # 12-8 Thread: Dyneema Body: Melt Glue Gills/rib: Olive Ostrich herl Thorax/Head: Black and brown Antron dubbing and CdC Continue reading Melt Glue Caddis Pupa

How to tie reverse foil Gammarus

The reverse foil Gammarus I cant really say much about this pattern as I only designed it and tied it up a couple of hours ago while playing with the new Shrimp Foils. But I could see right away when I started messing around with them that if I tied the foil onto the hook in reverse it could possibly bee a decent gammarus shell back! Hook: Mustad C49SNP # 8   Tying thread: Dyneema  Feelers: Partridge hackle Underbody: Seals fur  Shell back: Shrimp foil small    with Bug Bond  Rib: Clear mono 1 Secure your Mustad C49SNP hook in … Continue reading How to tie reverse foil Gammarus