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Tying the Elk Hair Caddis

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Introducing the boys to Madam X

If you are not familier with Madam X it’s about time you got to know her ! A top attractor and searching pattern for both rivers and still waters.

Tying the Tom Thumb

This magical little deer hair pattern seems for the most to have been forgotten! I have looked through a whole range of my ‘go to’ pattern books and have found reference to it only in name, no images and no step by step. Although I have located some info regarding the pattern on the net I felt that it deserved a proper step by step tutorial. As far as I understand the Tom Thumb is said to have originated from England in the 1940s, but I find this a little misleading as deer hair at this time, was little, if not used at all in England! But Canada where the pattern was popularised is another matter all together, being the birthplace of many deer hair patterns and pioneer of tying with deer hair. Although you can tie the TT with a wide range of deer hair in smaller sizes the optimal sizes 8-12 need a hair of a certain length. So if you are new to the game and intend buying deer hair specifically for this pattern I can recommend Natures Spirit Humpy deer hair. The TT primarily being a Humpy without a hackle! Its also difficult to find two materials, deer hair and peacock herl, that trout and grayling are more attracted to!

The Irish Fly Fair 2016


I will be tying at the Irish Fly Fair at the Galway Bay Hotel in November, if you get chance to visit this show please do, this is a excellent fair with a whole load of great fly tyers and much more. I look forward to seeing you there!

Tying the PTN

Had a busy morning and winter is on its way only 3 degrees here this morning! But I still managed to knock a quick one out. Heres my version of the PTN, have a great weekend. Please don’t forget to like and subscribe to the feather bender You Tube channel.

Tying the Brahma Matuka

Heres one for Friday. Have a great weekend!

Gartside Gurgler

One of the great striper patterns the Gartside Gurgler. This is a cracking pattern when other surface patterns just won’t work. This is the original tying method as taught to me by the man himself Jack Gartside.

The Opossum worm tutorial

The Opossum worm. One of the most popular patterns that I am asked to tie at demos and shows. Although it takes a little time to learn this is a great pattern for most species of fish in both salt and fresh water, you just gotta give this one a go! Please dont forget to like and subscribe to the feather benders You Tube channel.

Ribbon Shrimp tutorial

A seriously easy shrimp pattern that only requires one material, Organdie!! Please dont forget to like, and subscribe to the feather benders You Tube channel. Thanks for watching…

Tying the sand eel

The E-Z Sand Eel. This is an excellent pattern not only for sea bass and sea trout but most salt water species. The E-Z body tube makes it both aero and aqua dynamic makiing it easy to cast and giving it a realistic swimming action. Please dont forget to like and subscribe to the feather benders You Tube Channel.

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