Fly tying

Welcome to The Feather Bender’s, fly tying blog.
Here I share all my knowledge about tying fly fishing flies and the materials used to make them. You will find, not only my own patterns and fly tying techniques, but also many of the most popular international patterns and how to tie them. All illustrated in professional step by step photo’s and the best quality video tutorials. If you are a new beginner or a seasoned fly tyer, if you have any questions about, patterns, techniques or materials I will do my best to help.
Enjoy, and I hope to here from you…
All the best
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Fly tying for many is a hobby,  for others it´s a means of filling their fly box with fine tuned and well tested patterns, that would be otherwise unavailable. For many of us who read this blog it´s more of a passion, and for some, even a way of life…