Barry Ord Clarke Flytying Material Pack by Veniard

Fly Tying for Beginners Book with Barry Ord Clarke

Barry Ord Clarke’s ground breaking book – Fly Tying for Beginners is an exceptionally clear and easy-to-use beginner’s guide that shows you exactly how to create universal fishing flies, step-by-step. Each of the 12 patterns in the book are linked by a QR code to a YouTube video showing the author tying the fly in question.

Here you can study the techniques first hand, from one of the worlds best fly tyers and then return to the book and tie each pattern yourself by following the books intricate step-by step instructions.

If that is not enough, if you are still struggling, you can contact Barry online for fly tying advice. To accompany this book, Veniard have made a material pack, that includes all the materials and hooks that you will need to tie every single pattern in the book and more.

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Fly Tying for Beginners Material Pack: Veniard

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