Japanese edition book Barry Ord Clarke

Japanese language edition of my Fly Tying Techniques book

I am pleased to announce that the Japanese language edition of my Fly Tying Techniques book will be available on April 27th 2023.  You can pre-order on the link below. 日本のバリー・ファンの皆様、大変お待たせしました! 『FLY TYING TECHNIQUES』日本語版、4月27日、発売です。 日本フライフィッシャーの皆さん、大変長らくお待たせしました! 世界のフライタイイング界のスタータイヤー、バリー・オード・クラークがYouTubeにアップするタイイング動画は全世界に数多くのファンがいて、以前から体系的にテクニックを網羅する本書が存在していましたが、長らく待たれていた日本語版がいよいよ登場します。 Translated by: Yukinari Bando 本書はパターンブックではありませんが、テクニックを紹介するために選ばれている28のフライはどれもが魅力的かつ個性的で、まちがいなく読者の知的好奇心を刺激するはずです。この本のキモは各フライ,及び重要テクニックのタイイングビデオ(YouTube)が視聴できるQRコードやURLがページに記されていることです。知っているつもりになっている、あるいは今さら聞けないテクニックやコツをしっかり学び直すことで、あなたのフライが今より美しくなります。各テクニックは体系的に並べてあって、28パターンを巻き終えると、確実に腕が上がっているという仕掛けです。英語のYouTubeをランダムに視聴しているだけではわからない肝心なコツやヒントが詳細に説明されています。 … Continue reading Japanese language edition of my Fly Tying Techniques book

Petitjean CDC Book

For all you CDC fans, the Petitjean book is now available for order from on link This monumental book gathers on more than 40 years of fly-tying, innovation and a passion for fly-fishing. In this his legacy, Marc reveals some of his secrets about CDC’s unique properties, his concepts in designing flies and, last but not least,  a series of brand new, appealing and easy-to-tie patterns. Marc Petitjean Photography Barry Ord Clarke 500 pages 3000 photographs Continue reading Petitjean CDC Book

Petitjean CDC – The book

The long awaited book ‘Petitjean CDC’ that Marc and I have been working on for seven years, had its launch at the weekend at BFFI. As with everything else that Marc gets involved with, the book is beautifully designed and a joy to use. Each step by step page is a wealth of information, with required materials and tools for each pattern, step by step instruction, tying difficulty level. Each pattern is photographed from four different angles, side, above, under and forward, giving you detailed information on each fly. Each chapter is colour coded so you can finger your way … Continue reading Petitjean CDC – The book

Mayflies and More Chris Sandford book

Mayflies and More A fly tyers Guide to the Chalkstreams Chris Sandford Chris is better known in the UK for his many years work as an actor and his numerous appearances on TV and in Film.  More recently for his international angling TV series, Just Fishin’ on the Discovery channel. Mayflies and More, is an elegant, well presented little book and DVD combo, that covers the tying techniques for ten modern patterns, that Chris recommends for the English chalk-streams. Although these patterns will work just about anywhere else as well! If you are relatively new to fly tying and wish … Continue reading Mayflies and More Chris Sandford book

Gaula River of Silver & Gold:

With the onslaught of digital photography and inexpensive HD cameras, it seems like just about every fly fisherman has ambitions of becoming a film maker, resulting in, thousands of hours of  voyeur  “fishing porn”  being released for sale. Don’t get me wrong! I have nothing against anyone expressing themselves through the cinematographic art form, quite the opposite in fact.  But like poor Hollywood productions that go straight to DVD, with a few exceptions, most of these fishing films should go straight to Youtube. Gaula, River of Silver and Gold, is one of the exceptions! Following the river through the clearly … Continue reading Gaula River of Silver & Gold: