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The water boatman

Probably the most important water beetle when it comes to still waters. The water boatman is a quick and simple tie although semi realistic.


Sundays lottery draw has a winner!

Feather Bender's Flytying Techniques

The winner of this Sundays lottery is: Jonathan Gibbs, PM me your postal address Jonathan and I’ll get a copy of the book of to you. Remember I will be drawing a new winner this coming Sunday as well so just follow the instructions below if you would like to enter.
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Tying a palmered Shipman’s


A super quick and easy variant of the still water classic, that never grows old. This CDC Shipman’s has the added advantage of a palmered body hackle, that in combination with the CDC will keep this floating all day and then some.

Reversed Parachute mayfly

A reversed parachute mayfly tied on a swimming nymph hook, that will give a very natural presentation. It can be fished as a dun or cripple and includes a few interesting techniques.

Christmas fly tying draw

Feather Bender's Flytying Techniques…
Ho ho ho! As a Christmas special, If you would like the chance to win a copy of my new book “The Feather Bender’s Flytying Techniques” all you have to do is share this post and subscribe to the YouTube channel link above. A lucky winner will be drawn from all subscribers each Sunday before Christmas. Good luck!

Tying a Thorax Dun

This easy but neat mayfly dun pattern has a couple of nice techniques and a wonderful finished footprint and profile, perfect for fooling even the most selective trout.

Tying a hot spot sedgehog

One of the best little caddis patterns around. With an additional Glo Brite hot spot, when pulled through the surface film, this will bring fish up, just about all year round.

Tying a cruncher

An extremely popular pattern in the UK that is used from both boat and bank. The cruncher has many variants, this is the standard that can be tied on different hook weights and fished all year round.

Pheasant tail shuttlecock

A pheasant tail shuttlecock that works well, both as an emerger and a cripple mayfly. A little nymph that floats vertically in the surface film. Can be fished static or tweaked ever so slightly.

Sugar cube hares ear

Not representing anything in particular but everything fishy. This super quick and simple pattern is an absolute must for still waters. Fished alone with little twitches, or with a team as a top dropper, the sugar cube hares ear is a deadly pattern!

Loop wing caddis emerger

An extremely effective loop wing caddis emerger/stillborn, that has a couple of simple but interesting techniques for the body and loop wing. Tie it in different sizes and shade to match the hatch.

Tying a Kicking Klink


A great attractor, but a little more challenging pattern than usual, with several interesting techniques that can be learned and put to good use in other patterns.


Tying a spent mayfly

This easy fan wing mayfly can be tied spent or as a dun, just by changing the position of the wings when mounting. Straight up for a dun, or as here out to the sides for a spent spinner.

Orvis UK dates


Merlin Unwin Books author Barry Ord Clarke The Feather Bender is tying flies at two special events hosted by Orvis (London 3-7pm Wednesday 6 November and Stockbridge 3-7pm Thursday 7 November) you can also buy a signed copy of his book The Feather Bender’s Flytying Techniques! Register your interest below or RSVP: Orvis UKOrvis Orvis Zambuni PR Veniard.

3 minute caddis

Not many dry fly patterns can be tied in three minutes, but heres one of them. The Elk & Hackle caddis. A quick adult skating caddis, that is an easy tie, but don’t be fooled, it’s also a very effective attractor.

Mottled wing caddis

A nifty para-weld caddis with a mottled turkey wing and a buggy hares ear abdomen and thorax. You can make the wing a little more robust by giving it a thin coat of UV resin.

Rubber grub grub


Rubber grub grub, three bugs in a tub. A super quick and easy grayling grub for fishing fast flowing pocket water with great effect.

Foam body Daddy long legs


The mother of all daddy’s. This larger than life foam bodied daddy long legs, is a great attractor that moves a whole load of water when pulled through the surface, and will float all day long. With a neat foam body technique.

Win the flies at GAC


GAC Open weekend!

This coming Friday 27, Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 I will be tying flies and signing my new book at the Glasgow Angling Centre open weekend. Everyone that buys a copy of the book this weekend will go into a free draw to win a set of flies tied by me. Or just call in for a chat and say hello, I look forward to seeing you all there.


Heres a review by Magnus Angus from the October issue of Fly Fishing & Fly Tying magazine.

paul born2fish

19 September 2019

Format: HardcoverVerified Purchase

If you haven’t seen the new book, heres a short video explaining the concept behind it and the whole idea of it making fly tying tutorials and mastering techniques easier than ever before.


Quick quill dun

This, as the name suggests, is a quick quill dun that is easy to tie and a very effective pattern for river fishing. Just change the colour and hook size to match your hatch.

Out today


For my French friends out today from:

Rusty Rat


After receiving many requests to do some salmon fly videos, I have decided to do a collection of some of the most famous and fishable patterns. Starting with one of the classic North American hair wings and definitely the most famous from the Rat series.

Rusty Rat double

Hook: Mustad DL71UBLN # 6

Thread: Black

Tag: Oval gold tinsel

Tail: Peacock sword fibres

Body: Yellow floss & Peacock herl

Veil: Yellow floss

Rib: Oval gold tinsel

Wing: Siberian squirrel tail

Collar: Grizzle cock hackle

Head: Black

Hatching / cripple midge

A quick and easy little semi realistic hatching / cripple midge that fishes well. It also has a few nice techniques that can be employed in other patterns.