Barry Ord Clarke fly tying

About Barry Ord Clarke

Barry Ord Clarke fly tying

Born in England, Barry Ord Clarke is an internationally acclaimed and much published photographer and writer. His work as a fly fishing photographer has taken him to over 40 different countries and 4 continents. He is a regular contributor to numerous fishing magazines world wide. 

He has written, Co written and contributed to more than 30 books about fly tying. He has won medals in some of the worlds most prestigious fly tying competitions, and his own flies can be seen in the legendary ‘Fly fishers club’ collection in London and the Catskill master fly collection’ in the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum in the United States.  For the past 25 years he has lived in Norway where he works as a professional photographer and a fly tying consultant for The Mustad Hook Company & Veniard Ltd.

In 2016 Barry was awarded the coveted ‘Claudio D’Angelo award for best International Fly Tyer. For the past seven years he has been working closely with Marc Petitjean on his definitive book on tying with CDC, that was published in March 2018.

Barry’s new book, ‘The Feather Benders flytying techniques‘ is published. This will be a first for fly tying, as each step by step, in the book will be supported by a video of Barry tying each pattern.


Barry is also available for demos, courses and shows if you would like more information contact him on:

Some of the books on which Berry Ord Clarke was written and contributed.

Salt water fly fishing Paul Morgan & Friends
International guide to fly tying materials Barry Ord Clarke & Robert Spaight
Ørretfluer Barry Ord Clarke
Skandinaviske fluefiskere Jon Lenæs & Barry Ord Clarke
Flies for sea trout salt water Barry Ord Clarke
Flies for pike Barry Ord Clarke
Flies for sea trout rivers Barry Ord Clarke
Petitjean CDC Marc Petitjean & Barry Ord Clarke
The feather Benders Fly Tying Techniques Barry Ord Clarke
Monter Des Mouches Comme Un Pro Barry Ord Clarke
30 years of tying tips tricks patterns Fly Rod & Reel
Sjøørretfluer Barry Ord Clarke
Fluebinderens bibel steg for steg Barry Ord Clarke
Fluemonster leksikon

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