Fly Tying demo in Utrecht The Netherlands.

Traditional Hengelsport Utrecht One for my Dutch Friends. Here is the announcement for the fly tying demonstration and explanation of Barry Ord Clarke on Saturday, February 1st. Barry also signs his book The Feather Bender’s flytying Techniques, so bring along your book or buy it from us on this day. There are also special tied flies by Barry which will be raffled. This cannot be missed! This is the second day of the Traditional Vliegbindzesdaagse 2020, and is followed by four more, you want to know more? On my site and on my Facebook page is the complete program … Continue reading Fly Tying demo in Utrecht The Netherlands.

Hot Spot Gammarus

When gammarus shrimps are attacked by a parasitic worm, the parasite is visible from the outside as a red/orange dot. Thanks to this hot spot, fish not only see it better, but also find it more attractive! Only fish that are suitable as hosts, (trout) preferentially eat the infected shrimps. Thereafter the parasitic worm completes its development in the fish. . Need I say more? Continue reading Hot Spot Gammarus

Italian Job

For my Italian friends and any other friends that are in the Bologna area of Italy on Saturday 25th of January. I will be tying and talking all day at the brilliant 54 Dean Street fly fishing & fly tying shop and it’s going to be a gas, so I would love to see you there. Ciao! We like to start this 2020 in the best way, with Barry Ord Clarke at the 54 Dean Street store. On Saturday 25th January Barry will be presenting and signing copies of his newest book and will demonstrate some of his amazing … Continue reading Italian Job