30 years of flies…


Although you can never have enough flies, after 30 years of tying trout flies for articles, demos, courses and videos, I have decided to have a clear out of all the boxes of flies I have tied over these years. I am going to split them up into dozens with a signed card, and let them go for $25.00 per dozen, including package and postage anywhere in the world. Thats not even $2.00 per fly! All the flies are of framing quality, and tied by me. Each dozen will contain a mixture of dry, nymph, wet, emerger, classic and modern trout flies.

I can’t begin to count them, so I have no idea how many dozens I have, so its first come, first served until they are all gone.

If you would like one of these unique sets, send me an e mail with your postal address to: barrycl@online.no

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