Adult Blue Damsel dry

One of my most simple patterns. A semi realistic but quick tie for a perfect adult blue damsel that works extremely well when they are on the water.

Adult Blue Damsel pattern recipe

  • Hook: Mustad R30 # 12
  • Tying thread: Black 6/0
  • Body: Blue dyed grizzle hackle
  • Wings: 2 medium dun hackle tips
  • Thorax & head: Blue sparkle yarn
  • Hackle: Blue dyed grizzle hackle

How to tie Adult Blue Damsel dry

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2 thoughts on “Adult Blue Damsel dry

  1. Hi Barry,

    I live in Queensland on the other side of the world and there are no trout but I do visit Tasmania for a few weeks every year. To get good fly tying materials I have to get them from overseas and colours are one of the variables that are hard to judge.

    What I would like to know did you purchase the blue grizzle hackle from a supplier and if you did could you send me the address.

    This version looks very light and next season I intend Dappling this on some of the lakes in Tasmania, as you know damsel feeders are hard to catch and this may be the answer.

    Thanks for all the info you post on your site some great techniques.


    David Falconer

    1. Hi David, good to hear from you and thanks. The rooster grizzly cape is from Whiting and is called Kingfisher blue. I have a good mate from your neck of the woods called Mick Hall and he fishes the damsels in Tasmania, he has shown me photos of thousands of blue damsels on the water and huge trout, I’d love to have a go at these one day.
      All the best