All in one… a three minute dun mayfly pattern.

This pattern I developed out of necessity during a unexpected Vulgata hatch.

To find a simpler dun mayfly imitation  will be difficult.  All you need in the way of materials is one long fibered CdC feather and a short foam cylinder and a hook.

I named the fly “All In One” as the whole fly is tied with the same one CdC feather. You need to practice a little if the techniques I us are unfamiliar too you, but with a little practice or after you have tied a half dozen or so, it only takes about two minutes to tie this simple but effective pattern.  All in one floats fantastic as the whole fly is made from CdC and foam.

Secure your hook in the vice so the jaws of the vice hold the hook at the bottom of the bend, and that the straight part of the Klinkhamer hook is horizontal.
Choose a long fibered CdC feather and comb all the fibres back as illustrated about 1 cm from the feather tip.
Tie in the CdC feather at the rear of the horizontal part of the hook shaft.
Cut a short length of foam cylinder and tie this in as a regular parachute post.
Attach your hackle pliers to the stem of the CdC feather and carefully wind this around the foam post as you would a regular parachute hackle.
Comb the CdC fibres that cover the hook eye back so they are not in the way and tie down the CdC feather.
Trim off the points of the CdC parachute hackle and use the surpluss to dub the thorax. You dont need much.
Finish with a couple of whip finishes and your All in One is finished.

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