Parachute Adams tied by Barry Ord Clarke

Parachute Adams

The Adams Parachute Dry Fly is a versatile dry fly and has become recognized as a popular pattern on trout rivers around the world. One of the true classics that works just about everywhere. This one tied with a calf body hair post, two hackles, one brown and one grizzle along with an unusual dubbing technique for a fine segmented body.

Parachute Adams pattern

Hook: Mustad R30 # 14
Tying thread: Sheer 14/0 Grey
Tail: Brown & Grizzle hackle fibres
Para post: White calf tail
Hackle: One grizzle , one brown
Body: Adam’s grey super fine dubbing

How to tie Parachute Adams

Frequently asked questions

What does a parachute adams imitate?

– The Parachute Adam’s imitates an adult mayfly, its a great generic pattern when tied in various sizes to imitate most may flies.

How to fish parachute adams?

– With the Adam’s being an excellent generic pattern it can be fished in most mayfly hatches. Presented to rising fish or even fished as an attractor/ searching pattern.

Best size parachute adams?

– The Adam’s can be tied in various sizes to imitate different mayfly species, but normally the largest is a # 10 and the smallest a # 18

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