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Tied in the Hand: Odyssey of a Salmon Fly-Tyer book

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Tied in Hand

Odyssey of a Fly-Tyer


Sven-Olov Hård

‘Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art’ Leonardo Davinci

In his early teens, Sven-Olov Hård began attaching yarn and hackles to the shank of a fishing hook with thread, struggling to copy the illustrations of salmon flies he found in old Hardy fishing catalogues. Little did he know, that a little over three decades later, he would be a master of the craft and one of the most distinguished ‘in-hand’ fly tyers of our time.

I myself have been tying flies for many years, and have gained through my contributions to fishing magazines and books, the unfortunate label of an “Expert” but when I examine a salmon fly tied in hand by Sven-Olov, I am soon brought down to earth, feeling rather like a second rate art student, studying an old master.  Anyone who has ever tried to tie a fully dressed salmon fly, will know of the patience required for building a mixed wing, or a flawless floss body!  Sven-Olov does all this without a vice!

#ad Tied in hand, takes you on the fascinating journey of a salmon fly-tyer, that begins with a young boys interest in fishing and results with a grown mans obsession with the classic salmon fly, ending in Scotland on the rivers Tay and Spey to cast his flies into the waters they where originally made for. With every step along the way wonderfully illustrated with full page photographs of his flies and charming water colours by Lars Sundström. He writes, not only with a great knowledge on the subject of materials and the techniques of tying in hand but also with a heartfelt affection for his passion.

This is a delightful book, full of beautiful fishing flies tied as originally intended and accompanied by their history and recipes.


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