Christmas tree streamer

The Juletræet as the original is called in Danish or translated, Christmas tree is a popular Danish coastal pattern for sea run browns. The original is from the early 80’s and comes from Danish fly tyer Steen Ulnits. This simple but effective pattern is easy to tie but requires the correct Mylar tubing. Many Mylar’s when the weave is opened, the tinsel will be curled and impossible to get to lie flat, you will need one that is easily opened and all the strands of tinsel are straight.

The Christmas tree has a great swimming action and needless to say, is a real flashy attractor.

Hook: Mustad S71 # 6

Tying thread: Dyneema

Under body: Mylar tube core

Tail, body & wing: Mylar tube & UV resin

1. Secure your salt water streamer hook in the vice with the hook shaft horizontal. Run a foundation of tying thread back to the hook point.

2. Now cut a length of clear 1mm Mylar tubing about three times the length of the hook shaft. Not all Mylar is suitable for this pattern as many are crinkly when un-wound.
3. With a pair of tweezers carefully remove the inner core from the length of Mylar.
4. Take one strand of the inner core and tie along the hook shank as shown.
5. Once secure fold over the inner core and secure with a few wraps of tying thread at the rear of the hook.
6. Cut away the excess core.
7. Take the length of Mylar tube and thread over the hook shank. The tail of open Mylar should be about the length of the hook shank.
8. Tie down the tail with a few wraps of tying thread.
9. Colour a short length of tying thread with a red waterproof marker and finish the tail with a few wraps of red tying thread.
10. Whip finish, remove your tying thread and give the tail whippings a coat with varnish.
11. re-attach your tying thread at the front of the body, behind the hook eye.
12. Once secure, use a dubbing needle to carefully open the weave of the Mylar tube over the hook eye.
13. Give the whole body a coat of UV resin.
14. Cure the UV resin with a 10 second blast with the UV light.
15. Once the body is cured and dry take hold of the front Mylar and pull back, so that its evenly distributed around the whole body. Colour your tying thread again and secure the head and whip finish.
16. Once secure remove your tying thread and varnish the head. The finished Christmas tree streamer.
The Juletræet GTI has a hot orange Antron tail and a mallard flank wing.

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