Fly tying for beginners- Woolly Bugger

A new series of videos for those that are new to fly tying, to accompany my new book, ‘fly tying for beginners’ out later this year. Here I am showing techniques that may look challenging, but are totally achievable with a little patience and practice. I have slowed down the tying and explain every step in detail. If you are struggling, and have a question, post it in the comments box below, and I will try and help. Good luck!

  • Hook: Standard streamer # 4-12
  • Bead: Slotted gold bead
  • Tying thread: Olive Sheer
  • Tail: Olive Marabou & pearl Krystal flash
  • Rib: Copper wire
  • Body: Olive chenille
  • Hackle: Large olive cock hackle
  • Collar: Peacock dub olive

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