Goddard’s suspender hatching midge

Another pattern from John Goddard that was an instant success on still waters in the UK. The polystyrene ball tied just above the hook eye makes the suspender midge float all day and beyondwhile presenting the pattern in the perfect hatching position.

Goddard’s suspender hatching midge recipe

How to tie Goddard’s suspender hatching midge

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2 thoughts on “Goddard’s suspender hatching midge

  1. BOC,

    Desiring to tie some old classics I chose the Muddler to tie and went to YouTube and your video. My first choice. As usual you did a superb job, however, I am at a loss to find or know from where on the quill do you chose the feather part and for what characteristics do you want? Are the two feather sections married in the usual style or are they married at all? Help, please.


    1. Hi Tom, The two quill sections are taken from two opposite mottled wing quills from a Turkey. They are not married but the two sections are placed back to back for both the tail and wing. You can search on the blog for my step by step for the muddler and I perhaps explain it in a little more detail there.

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