Hot Glue Para Ant fly tied by Barry Ord Clarke

Hot Glue Para Ant fly

A must have pattern that is ultra quick to tie and very realistic on the water.

The hot glue rods can be purchased for next to nothing at hobby shops and one rod will make enough ants for you and all your fishing friends for a lifetime!

Just remember that you have to hold your heat source a good distance under the hook, just enough to soften the glue not burn it.

The link below will bring you to your local page to buy Mustad Heritage Fly Hooks

Hot Glue Para Ant fly pattern

  • Hook: Mustad Heritage R30 # 12
  • Tying thread: Sheer 14/0 Black
  • Body: Black hot glue
  • Post: Aero wing fine
  • Hackle: Brown saddle

How to tie Hot Glue Para Ant fly pattern

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