purple haze fly tied by Barry Ord Clarke

Purple Haze dry fly parachute

Purple Haze dry fly is extremely popular attractor started life as a parachute Adams with a purple body. There are many interpretations of the purple haze, this is just one of them. Why it works, we don’t know but the fish just love it!

Purple haze fly pattern

How to tie Purple haze dry fly parachute version

Fishing the Purple Haze Dry Fly Parachute

The Purple Haze Fly Parachute is an excellent fly to use during mayfly hatches. It is best fished in slow-moving water and in areas where fish are actively feeding on mayflies. To fish the fly, simply cast it upstream and allow it to drift naturally with the current.

When fishing the Purple Haze Fly Parachute, it is essential to pay attention to the drift. Mayflies emerge from the water and then float on the surface before taking flight. The Purple Haze Fly Parachute imitates this behavior and should be allowed to float on the surface for a few seconds before being lifted off the water and recast.

Overall, the Purple Haze Fly Parachute is a versatile and effective fly that should be in every fly fisherman’s fly box. It is easy to tie and has a proven track record of catching fish. Give it a try on your next fly fishing trip and see for yourself why it has become such a popular fly pattern.

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