fly tying Quick sight midge

Quick sight midge emerger

This extremely easy but very effective quick sight midge is especially for those of us who have some problems seeing small flies at a distance and at night. This pattern has never failed me, especially with big fish that are feeding on midges. It will float all day long and beyond…

Quick sight midge emerger recipe

  • Hook: Mustad C49S # 12
  • Tying thread: Dyneema or GSP
  • Body: Tying thread coloured with felt pen
  • Rib: Dyneema
  • Post: Poly yarn
  • Hackle: CDC fibres spun in a dubbing loop

How to tie Quick sight midge emerger

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One thought on “Quick sight midge emerger

  1. Hello Barry,

    I’ve enjoyed many of your fly-tying videos and thank you for your efforts in creating these and posting them to youtube.

    One fine detail I’ve noted is that you regularly reach into hackle with your scissor tips to cut the thread after a whip finish.

    I wonder if you know that if you touch thread held under tension with one edge of your very sharp scissors, the thread will be cut almost like magic, with no need to worry about giving any hackle fibers nearby a crew-cut.

    I think you’ll like the move if you try it.

    Best wishes,

    Stephen Nagy Montana City, Montana

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