Tying Melt glue caddis pupa

Melt Glue Caddis Pupa: Hook: Mustad C49SNP-BR # 12-8Thread: DyneemaBody: Melt GlueGills/rib: Olive Ostrich herlFeelers: Two pheasant tail fibersThorax/Head: Cream and Black Antron / hares ear dubbing and CdC A good  caddis pupa  pattern can make the difference between no fish and fish !When the caddis fly hatches into the adult insect the species are more or less, divided into two. The ones that hatch at the surface in open water and the those that make there way to the shore, where they climb out on plants or any other structure that is available.  When this occurs and caddis pupa … Continue reading Tying Melt glue caddis pupa