Proppen-most productive sea trout fly

This is my variant of one of the best salmon flies in recent years. It is, without doubt my most productive fly for salt water sea trout fishing.  There is something about this pattern that sea trout just can’t resist. On many occasions when there are sea trout feeding or on the move, and they just follow the fly and won’t take, this small fly works most of the time.  Fished on a long fine leader and floating line just under the surface with a very slow figure of eight retrieve, the takes are savage and powerful, driving the tiny … Continue reading Proppen-most productive sea trout fly

Wooly Muggler: A big streamer for big fish

Wooly Muggler  For me there are two big fish flies that I just dont go trout fishing without, Wooly bugger and Muddler minnow. Hook: Mustad S74SNP-ZS # 6-4  Thread: Dyneema Tail: Marabou and crystal hair  Body: Dubbing Hackle: Webby tapered saddle hackle Wing : Marabou  Head & Collar: Spun and clipped deer hair   This is a combination pattern that I made a few years ago for sunk line fishing in lakes and deep pools.  This pattern has both the great attractor qualities of both flies. The flowing pulsating marabou and the bubbling buoyant spun deer hair head. If you … Continue reading Wooly Muggler: A big streamer for big fish