fly tying PatteGrisen

How to tie PatteGrisen (Suckling pig)

PatteGrisen (Suckling pig)

Its ten years today that the pig was born. There are, I am sure, hundreds, if not thousands of new fly patterns that are tied each year for salt water sea trout alone, most of which only taste salt water once before being retired to the fly box, and the fisherman returns to good old tried and tested reliable patterns. When you see a new pattern for the first time, you have a instant perception as to wether it will work or not !
The pattegriesen radiates everything that a sea trout pattern should, and just shouts to be tied onto a leader.
The original pattern was made by the well known Danish sea trout fisherman Claus Eriksen who was inspired by Morten Ølands Spey shrimp. Since it’s introduction ten years ago it can be found in most tackle shops in Denmark in slightly different tying styles and shades of pink and yellow, needless to say not only one of the most popular sea trout pattern but also one of the most effective to date. It’s popularity has been so great for the Danish coast that Whiting have now made a Spey saddle in salmon pink especially for this pattern. The spey hackle in combination with the weight really animates this pattern, bringing it to life in the water, pulsating and swimming.

Hook Mustad S 74SS # 4
Thread Dyneema
Feelers UV mallard flank and Whiting Salmon pink Spey saddle hackle
Eyes Easy shrimp eyes
Body UV shrimp dubbing and Salmon pink Spey hackle marabou
Shell back salmon pink Funky Fibre and UV resin
Rib Clear mono.

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