fly tying extended mayfly bodies

How to tie extended mayfly bodies

A simple but realistic extended body technique, that will give any mayfly dun or spinner pattern that little extra.

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2 thoughts on “How to tie extended mayfly bodies

  1. You have numerous videos that are outstanding but this one tops the chart! The technique produces a fabulous extended body and is relatively easy to do – with your instructions. I don’t have a tube fly attachment so I just used a Tee Pin seated in the jaws of my vise and it worked well. The only deviations I made to your pattern were 1) I used stripped grizzly hackle stems for the tails so they could be much longer and naturally curved upward, and 2) after the elk rump hair was tied on, I switched to brown UTC thread so I could get more segments and angled crossing wraps, both up and back down the body, without needing to keep coloring the white GSP thread.

    1. Always good to improvise and try other materials yourself. Although stripped hackle doesn’t float as good as elk hair.