Flying wood ant fly

When large wood ants swarm on the warmest summer days the trout go on a feeding frenzy. This is one of those patterns that you just can’t do without. Simple but realistic and quick to tie.

Flying wood ant fly pattern recipe

How to tie Flying wood ant fly

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2 thoughts on “Flying wood ant fly

  1. Morning Barry, as a relative newcomer to the art of fly tying I really appreciate your instructions. Is there any possibility that you might include a lesson on how to deal with a Hares mask to obtain the dubbing for a GHRE? I have tried Google and there appear to be different methods including sneaking the wife’s blender to shred the the cut hair. Also I am never sure what to do with the under fur- is that part of the blend? Another method employs the the use of tools to comb the mask. Your invaluable assistance will be appreciated. Regards Mike.

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    1. Hi Mike, I have intended to do this for some time now so I will try and get one done over the weekend showing the different techniques with hares ear dubbing.

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